Cotton Lycra

Cotton Lycra fabric according to the Cotton Lycra fabric manufacturers is a mix of two materials, cotton and Lycra. Cotton the natural fiber known and Lycra is an exceptionally stretchy, synthetic fiber with increased elasticity and is famous under the name 'Spandex'.

Material: 97% Cotton & 3% Lycra
GSM: 160/180 GSM
Width: 32" , 34" , 36" , 29"
Colors: 96
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Cotton Lycra Fabrics Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler In Delhi

Cotton, as you probably know already, is a fantastic natural fibre that has been used extensively in the fabric industry for eras now. Cotton fabric gets all the rightful attention because it is breathable, has the ability to absorb and control moisture, and is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. On the other hand, Lycra is quite a modern marvel that has taken the world of fabrics by a storm. Developed in 1958 to replace rubber as the stretching component in clothing, it is a polyurethane based fabric. Cotton Lycra fabric manufacturers in India have brought these two together to make a magical fabric that has the incredible benefits.

A higher percentage of cotton in the blend makes the fabric super breathable and absorbent. Thus, making cotton Lycra a perfect choice for the tropical climate of India. However, one must be careful to pick quality fabric from reputed cotton Lycra suppliers like Mittal Traders.

One of the most annoying things about cotton lies in the fact that it can get wrinkled than a 100 years old grandma in literally seconds. This makes not only the maintenance of the clothing difficult but also the tailoring of perfectly stitched clothes. This fabric comes as a boon for budding designers and tailors because there is no need to iron the piece they are making several times to ensure perfection.

Cotton in itself is quite a durable fabric but add some Lycra to the blend and it becomes invincible. It adds stretch to the fabric which makes it more resistant to wear and tear. Pilling is quite a regular and annoying happening. Pilling is, basically, the balling up of the fibres in the fabric into tiny spheres on the surface of the cloth. The Cotton Lycra, which leaves the door of Mittal Traders, has made this a problem of the past. Our store is an arsenal of cotton Lycra in a plethora of colours at the cheapest price without compromising on quality.

We have built our name as the best cotton Lycra fabric wholesale store even with the prevalent cutthroat competition in the market with sheer dedication to provide quality and the best customer service possible.


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